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Cross-Device Technology

Today's consumers are living a multi-device reality where switching digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets, desktops, and more, has become second nature. This multi-device ownership and constant switching results in fragmented user identities, which may lead to negative consumer experiences through broken communication and irrelevant, intrusive ads.

Revolutionize your relationship with your audience with's proprietary Cross-Device Technology by engaging people, and not their devices.

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White Papers

Interested in learning exactly how we achieve connections between devices to identify people? Check out our latest white papers, which explores in-depth machine learning and its crucial role in helping develop cross-device technology.

Machine Learning

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Evaluating Cross-Device Identify Graphs

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Privacy Policy

Since the nature of cross-device advertising involves significant data processing, privacy compliance is crucial. At, we’ve intentionally built our technology on a solid privacy compliant foundation and have gone above and beyond to comply with all existing and forthcoming data protection regulations.

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